Payments/Billing Address:
Rent and tenant charges are due and payable on the first day of each month. As a courtesy, Tenant charge statements are sent to each tenant.

All payments should be made via wire transfer or ACH to: “Paces West TT, LLC”

By Wire Transfer:
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
San Francisco, CA
ABA # 121 000 248
Acct # 4120161567
Acct Name: Paces West LL, LLC


By Mail:
Paces West LL, LLC
P.O. Box 101228
Atlanta, GA 30392-1228


By Overnight Delivery:
Paces West LL, LLC
3585 Atlanta Avenue
Hapeville, GA 30354-1705

All checks should be made out to “Paces West TT, LLC”
If you have questions regarding payment method, your statement or account, please contact the Management Office at 770-805-0706.

Billing Procedures:
Billing Procedures for tenant leases will be accrued and invoiced monthly with the lease invoice and supplemental tenant requested service charges. The lease charges as indicated in the lease terms and agreement will be invoiced and mailed monthly.

Billing Procedures for additional requested tenant charges will be accrued and invoiced monthly with the lease invoicing and identified in the lease invoice for the appropriate additional charges requested and incurred by the tenant.

Tenant Charges:
Such charges may include, but are not limited to the following services:

1. Additional operating engineer labor charges for tenant requested services
2. Additional Access Card Requests
3. Additional Door Key Requests
4. Re-keying of tenant door locksets
5. Picture and wall board hanging
6. Furniture and filling storage relocations
7. Tenant interior painting
8. Tenant interior repairs not stipulated in the lease terms
9. Tenant interior carpet cleaning
10. Tenant interior specialty glass cleaning
11. Tenant interior specialty lighting repairs
12. Tenant interior breakroom and appliance cleaning
13. Tenant interior plumbing repairs as determined
14. Fire extinguisher replacement, inspections and certifications
15. Additional after hours Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC)
16. Additional HVAC supplies or relocations
17. Additional electrical circuits
18. Specialty or auxiliary electrical or water metered utilities
19. Additional water supply, drain or filtration installations
20. Project and construction management services